New Opportunities

Explore, discover, inspire the people of MK through ‘Sharing Culture’ in 2018European Year of Cultural Heritage Logo

In 2018, as part of our European Destination City Plan, Milton Keynes will take part in the European Commission programme, European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH).  The European Commission have developed this initiative with the aim of promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion, whilst also highlighting the economic contribution of cultural heritage.  The four EYCH strands of activity are: engagement, value, protection and innovation.

MK EYCH will build on the MK50 legacy, developing networks and relationships built during 2017 and capitalising on the ground-swell of civic pride and positivity that has emerged.  In Milton Keynes we will focus our EYCH programme on the themes of our unique designed city and our European connections and stories (developing the MK Futures 2050 ‘creative and cultured city’ vision.)  To do so, MK Council will co-ordinate a collaborative programme called Sharing Culture that will engage the people of Milton Keynes and beyond with the Milton Keynes story.  Through a 7-month (April-October 2018) programme of activities (much shorter/smaller scale than in 2017), we will explore the design, architecture, industry, green spaces, culture and people of Milton Keynes.  The programme will inspire citizens and tourists to enjoy our city and learn more about its cultural heritage as a designed city, and help shape the future 2019 and 2020 cultural programmes.

We are inviting proposals from the cultural and community sector for projects and events that engage citizens and tourists in sharing the culture and uniqueness of this city.  For the full criteria, seed funding information and application  details, please see the Sharing Culture Call Out.  Deadline is 12th March 2018.


Pedalling Culture Community Engagement Commissions

This commissioning opportunity is open to artists, practitioners and cultural organisations that wish to deliver arts activities/interventions during Summer 2018, which encourage greater engagement with the Redways of Milton Keynes.  We are looking for projects that will encourage citizens and visitors to take part in active exploration of the Redway network, its environment and the cultural venues and sites that the network links to.  

Pedalling Culture is a 2-year funded programme running from April 2017-April 2019.  The project is led by a consortium of cultural organisations: Arts and Heritage Alliance, Bletchley Park, Destination MK, MK Council, MK Gallery and MK City Centre Management.  The first phase of Pedalling Culture has focused on improving and building infrastructure, including increasing the number of electric vehicle charge points at cultural venues and improving wayfinding and signage to cultural venues on the Redways.  

The second phase of this project is community engagement – encouraging people to make use of the Redways, better understand the combined walking and cycling network, and to use it to find their way to cultural venues across the city.  To do this we are commissioning a programme of walking and cycle based events that use interactive arts activity to engage local residents and people working in Milton Keynes, as well as attracting visitors to Milton Keynes.

For full information and details of how to apply, please see the Pedalling Culture Commissions Brief.  Deadline is 7th March 2018.