Groundwork Weekender

Date: 14 Sep 2018 - 16 Sep 2018

The Groundwork Weekender is a three-day celebration and exploration of Milton Keynes; its heritage, landscape, mobility, architecture, people, sites and sounds of the city, curated by artist-collective Tracing the Pathway.

The Groundwork Weekender presents an ambitious and diverse programme of performances, talks, walks, exhibitions, film screenings and social meeting points, each entirely created for and in response to MK. Eleven unique commissions will premiere between the 14-16th September, softly animating the city, gesturing towards the inspiring creative and cultural sites that can be found by every grassy verge; in its grid formations, underpasses, trees, and people too.

To accompany the presentation of these commissions, Tracing the Pathway will host a 3-day symposium Situating the Groundwork: Initiatives, Infrastructures and Interventions. The symposium will offer multiple perspectives on the value, role and sustainability of socially-engaged, site-responsive arts practices in and on city life. Together we will consider how the arts are integral to establishing and supporting the growth of creative communities in urban areas, and examine the initiatives and interventions one might need to lay the Groundwork for a thriving cultural infrastructure.

Groundwork has been developed by artist collective Tracing the Pathway and is generously supported with funding from Arts Council England, Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Pedalling Culture, Milton Keynes Arts Centre and Sharing Culture: MK. Advice on the project’s resourcing has kindly been provided by Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes. Groundwork 2018 has continued to work in partnership with Studio Chahde on all design aspects of the project and is working in collaboration with the following partners to provide space for the development and presentation of all Groundwork Weekender projects: MK Gallery, Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, Westbury Arts Centre, The Parks Trust, The Old Bus Station (Winter Night Shelter), Gulliver’s Land, The Fred Roche Foundation, MK College and Bill’s Minibus and Coach Hire Ltd.

Tracing the Pathway have also worked with the following local independent food providers to offer refreshments at the Groundwork Weekender: A Vegetative State and Carlo’s Coffee.

To learn more about the aims and outputs of the Groundwork Weekender please visit the Groundwork exhibition at Milton Keynes Arts Centre, where Tracing the Pathway have curated documentation and remnants of the artists’ artworks, pinpointing where one might locate and encounter them across our city. In doing so, Groundwork highlights the diverse range of cultural and heritage hotspots in Milton Keynes and the burgeoning networks of creativity flourishing in Milton Keynes. Groundwork provokes the viewer to take a journey through Milton Keynes, to examine it from multiple perspectives and develop a critical dialogue about the complexities of site, culture, history and heritage.

For full information and details of how to book, please visit: